10 Days Hiking, Camping, Meditation, and Hatha Yoga Holiday in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Da Domenica 6 settembre a Martedì 15 settembre 2020

guillestre - Estero

A Magic Journey invites you to join hiking and camping yoga holiday in the Queyras Regional Park in the French Alps, France. This holiday will be guided by Paulina and Floris who will teach Hatha yoga and meditation into this magic place of colors!

Meditation sessions
Rejuvenating yoga practices
Hiking trip in the beautiful Queyras Regional National Park
Share a wonderful journey with mindful people
Savor organic, natural, and vegan meals
9 nights of camping under the stars

You're going to hike and camp in the mountains, so the accommodation will be your tent. If you don't have one, A Magic Journey will provide it for you.

Food will be carried by every partecipants during the journey. One of the goal is to be auto sufficent in a place where there won't be any place to buy stuff. Food will be enough considering you'll hike with a backpack. A Magic Journey calculated two kilograms of food for each one, it means 200 grams a day that could double once cooked.
You will have lite and raw gnammy magic balls, natural pasta, cous cous, lentills, and more. You'll be invited to create your own sauce using different spices, ers, and flowers even from the land! And you'll have a spirulina supplied naturally.

You will start from Guillestre hiking up the Queyras Regional National Park following a trail that's already explored and tracked. You will camp and meditate in beautiful places. Take bath and feel the wilderness. Every day you will wake up with the sun, practice Hatha yoga and meditation, and get ready to hike toward the next wonderful spot.

Fee 450 euro including:
Yoga class
Meditation sessions
9 nights camping

Link: https://caste80.wixsite.com/website

Mail: amagicjourney@gmail.com

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