Yin Yoga & Yoni Steam Workshop

Domenica 27 ottobre 2019

Roma - Lazio

Yin Yoga & Yoni Steam is a feminine self-care workshop and sister circle combining the meditative power of Yin Yoga (a special yoga practice focused on energetically feminine poses and meditation), and Yoni Steaming (an ancient feminine self-care practice using special herbal blends to treat the vagina and uterus) to open the heart and sacral chakras to facilitate healing and self-awareness.

This is a half-day workshop and includes the yoga class, yoni steam herbs, herbal tea service, and healthy appetizers.

Registration is required to take this workshop.

For more information, contact:
Megan - Meganbrittanyyoga@gmail.com or +39 366 822 8602
Candice - Blissfulfemininity@gmail.com or +1 (321) 424 9006

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/395415207759661/

Mail: megan.girvalo@gmail.com

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